Top 10 Ways to Perform for a Cause

Most people have had a family member, friend, or somebody they know who has had breast cancer or another serious illness. When you’ve experienced something like this directly or indirectly, the cause has a much more powerful impact on your life.

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I feel very strongly about this cause as my grandmother is a breast cancer survivor. Thanks to early detection, she didn’t have to go through the worst ordeal. But no matter how treatable a cancer is, it is still very serious and affects families in a personal way.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a fantastic way to get people involved in the cause. However, this is a cause that is worth being involved in year-round.

Here’s my list of top 10 ways to perform for breast cancer awareness:

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Image Credit: Image by Mark Menzies at Flickr Creative Commons.

November 18, 2011

2011 Christmas Show Time

2007 Viejas Christmas Show

2007 Viejas Christmas Show

We’re already back at the annual Viejas Casino Christmas show time! Chea co-directs and produces the show with our friend Michelle Ford. This is the 5th year of the show, which is held in the middle of the outlet center by the Christmas tree. The shows are on November 10th and 11th at 6pm. It’s free to watch. Friday is the busiest night, but Thursday has the seating reserved for the tribe. So it’s standing room only on Thursday. I’ve starred in the show the last four years, but I chose not to do it this year because of lack of time in my schedule.

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November 7, 2011

Halloween and Skating Costumes

With Halloween coming up, everyone is thinking about costumes. In figure skating, costumes are important throughout the year. For technical events in skating, I feel that while a good costume can help the judges remember the skater, strong skating is much more important than just having an elaborate dress.

However, for events such as artistic and spotlight where the focus is on originality and music interpretation, costumes are much more important to the overall performance quality. As a rule of thumb, it’s useful for the judges to be able to tell what type of music the skater will be performing to by looking at their costume before the music starts. It’s also nice for spotlight events to have a surprise layer of costume underneath the first layer or some other unique twist to the costume.

Here’s a Halloween show video with some good tricks in it. If you’re looking for Halloween costume ideas for skating, there are some interesting ones in the video!

October 9, 2011

Express Yourself through Figure Skating

Most people think of figure skating as both sport and art. Peggy Fleming has a short video on expressing yourself through figure skating:

Peggy Fleming On Why People Should Skate

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September 26, 2011

Skating to the Music

Musicality is a challenging yet important part of skating. You often see skaters running a program by going through the various jumps and spins with great focus but completely ignoring their music.

Skaters need to develop the skill of skating to their music. When you watch the top performers in skating, you see how they bring the crowd into their music.

To work on musicality, skaters can practice their routine without any jumps so they can focus strictly on the music and presentation. Also, developing a habit of listening for certain points in the music for an arm move or step can make a definite improvement in presentation.

Here is a video of 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist Yuna Kim performing in South Korea last spring. Watch how she gets the crowd excited through her musicality and presentation.

September 10, 2011