Join Us in Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

The Fabulous Chitwood Ladies Team – Chea Hutton-Chitwood and Christina Chitwood-Parkin

The Fabulous Chitwood Ladies Team – Chea Hutton-Chitwood and Christina Chitwood-Parkin

I’m really excited that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a cause that’s very important to me as my grandmother is a breast cancer survivor.

Today, I participated in the “Rally for the Cure” at The Farms Golf Club. My team placed 3rd!

My sister-in-law, Chea, and I will be participating in these Susan G Komen for the Cure breast cancer fundraising events in San Diego:

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Top Moments from the London 2012 Summer Olympics

Olympic rings

Every two years, the Olympics is a positive motivation for athletes all over the world. The Olympic images give athletes something exciting to work toward. During the Summer Olympics, seeing the triumphs and challenges of the events gives even the winter athletes hope.

In case you missed them, here are NBC’s videos of the top moments from the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games: Top NBC Moments of the London Games.

Here are some highlights from Yahoo Sports: Unforgettable Moments from the London Olympics.

Photo Credit: Photo by Foreign and Commonwealth Office at Flickr Creative Commons.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Watch the Olympics

The Olympics is a uniquely exciting and inspiring event. You have the opportunity to see top-level athletes who have a dream, have set many goals along the way to meet that dream, and have worked extremely hard to make their dream come true. They often had a mixture of successes and setbacks to work through, which made them stronger individuals.

Athletes have a mentality that can take them far in many areas of life as well as in their sport. You can use the excitement and inspiration you gain from watching the Olympic athletes on television to create dreams of your own and make your own dreams come true.

Here are ten reasons why you should watch the Olympics:

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Ice Rink Maintenance

Newport, NS

Newport, NS by Avard Woolaver, on Flickr

I’ve talked about ice rinks before, but ice rink maintenance is a topic many skaters have questions about. Kroc Center Ice is closing for annual maintenance from July 1st to July 22nd this year. You may wonder what they do that takes that much time.

While the rink does some maintenance every year, this year’s maintenance is a bigger project because they are going to melt down the ice and check the pipes underneath. Also, they are going to replace the yellow kick boards around the rink. They have to take apart the bleachers to access the kick boards on one side of the rink, which takes extra time as well.

This article explains how the ice surface is made and maintained: How Ice Rinks Work.

Have a good July break and happy 4th! 🙂

Top 5 Ways to Train like an Athlete

Christina at the gym. (Photo by David Paterson)

Christina at the gym. (Photo by David Paterson)

We all have an athlete inside of us. Your inner athlete is there whether it was developed when you were younger, you’re currently a competitive athlete, or you’ve not experienced your competitive side. The key to bringing out the athlete within you is to train like an athlete.

As an elite athlete from a young age, I’ve had a lot of experience training as an athlete and living as an athlete. Something I’ve noticed is that if you’ve ever been a competitive athlete, that’s a part of you for life.

Often there is a transition point. For example, I’m no longer a competitive figure skater. There are still many areas in life where I continue to be an athlete.

Here are 5 ways to train like an athlete:

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Making a Difference – Heroes with a Heart 2012

Heroes with a Heart 2012

Help a Child. Change a life. Build a Future.

The Salvation Army Kroc Center in San Diego is in the middle of its very special annual fundraising campaign called “Heroes with a Heart.” We’re hoping to raise $75,000 to provide financial assistance to children, families, and seniors so they can participate in Kroc Center programs and services they could not otherwise afford.

I’m an ice-skating coach at the Kroc Center Ice Arena, and I love to see the benefits to children and adults using the scholarship program. I truly believe the scholarship program changes lives.

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