Life Lessons from State Games of America

We just concluded a very successful State Games of America, and I want to say congratulations to my students – and all the Chitwood Skating students – on a wonderful competition!  Everyone skated well, and my students alone ended up winning about 25 medals!

The results were great, but they are never my main focus. Although exciting and fun, they are only temporary rewards. The real reward comes from knowing everyone tried their hardest and had a great time doing it.

Overcoming all the nerves and anticipation going into these events and being able to perform well in front of friends, family, other audience members, and judges takes strength, courage, and confidence. All are traits the competitors will be able to use for the rest of their lives!

I’m proud to say that all the Chitwood Skating students displayed those characteristics at the State Games of America. Congratulations on all their great performances!

August 14, 2011