Tips for Buying Your First Pair of Figure Skates

Congratulations on buying your first pair of skates! My favorite skate brand is Jackson for most feet. If you have a really narrow foot, Riedells may fit better. 

If your feet are still growing and you’re just starting out, I recommend going with a Jackson Artiste skate. They’re fairly comfortable and come with a blade included. The price is usually $130 but is a bit cheaper for small sizes. For very narrow feet, go with the Riedell 17/117 Red Ribbon Skate for $115. Both these skates will take you up through the Freestyle (FS) 1 to 2 levels.

If you’re at FS 1 or 2, your feet have stopped growing, or you are already close to the Freestyle level classes, I recommend starting with Jackson Freestyle skates.  These boots are heat moldable to your foot, making them a more exact fit. Blades come with the skates. Also, these boots are stiffer and have better blades so they will last longer than the Artiste, usually up though FS 5 to 6.  Depending on size, they range from $225 to 250 for females and are $270 for males.  For very narrow feet, go with the Riedell 133TS skate for $160.  These boots are similar to the Jackson Freestyle skate but can only be partially heat molded to your foot. 

Skate lace tips: 

Keep the laces tight around the bottom part of your foot to keep your foot from slipping.   Then, keep the ankle hooks lose enough to stick two fingers between your ankle and the front (the tongue) of your boot.  This improves knee bend and helps prevent injuries.  Also, don’t wrap your laces around your skates because it can cause them to wear out faster.  Shorter laces (get mixed blend) are a cheap and easy solution.

July 8, 2010