New or Used Skates?

This month I’m going to talk about skating equipment again. Below is an interesting article by Mr. Edge that I read in Skating Magazine about whether to buy new or used skates. I think the article covers the subject well.

I always recommend new unless you can find a good used pair that has decent support left in the boots and enough edge left on the blades. eBay is often the best place to look for used equipment, but it’s hard to know if you found a good fit because you can’t try the skates on before you purchase them online. 

New or used? This is the question many people often ask.

Depending on the condition of the skate, even used skates can cost several hundred dollars. When looking for a used pair of skates be cautious in your assessment of them and do not jump at the opportunity to buy just anything.

Consider the following:  Read more at Ask Mr. Edge.

New Skates Photo Credit: Photo by Fiona Bradley

Used Skates Photo Credit: Photo by Fiona Bradley

September 2, 2010