Top Moments from the London 2012 Summer Olympics

Olympic rings

Every two years, the Olympics is a positive motivation for athletes all over the world. The Olympic images give athletes something exciting to work toward. During the Summer Olympics, seeing the triumphs and challenges of the events gives even the winter athletes hope.

In case you missed them, here are NBC’s videos of the top moments from the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games: Top NBC Moments of the London Games.

Here are some highlights from Yahoo Sports: Unforgettable Moments from the London Olympics.

Photo Credit: Photo by Foreign and Commonwealth Office at Flickr Creative Commons.

August 25, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Watch the Olympics

The Olympics is a uniquely exciting and inspiring event. You have the opportunity to see top-level athletes who have a dream, have set many goals along the way to meet that dream, and have worked extremely hard to make their dream come true. They often had a mixture of successes and setbacks to work through, which made them stronger individuals.

Athletes have a mentality that can take them far in many areas of life as well as in their sport. You can use the excitement and inspiration you gain from watching the Olympic athletes on television to create dreams of your own and make your own dreams come true.

Here are ten reasons why you should watch the Olympics:

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July 27, 2012

Top 4 Tips Figure Skaters Can Learn from Olympic Gold Medalists Shen and Zhao

 Shen and Zhao's huge split triple twist during their Olympic short program (Photo by Liz Chastney)

Shen and Zhao's huge split triple twist during their Olympic short program (Photo by Liz Chastney)

2010 Olympic pairs champions Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo were two of my favorite role models during my early years in pairs. They still are two of my favorite role models. Shen and Zhao demonstrate qualities which make champions as well as people of good character. Following are 4 top tips figure skaters can learn from Olympic pairs gold medalists Shen and Zhao.

1. When a team is a good match, it pays to stay together.

Now married, Shen and Zhao have been skating together for 18 years. This time has helped them develop their strong elements, great unison, and overall polish to their skating. Their dedication helped them become two of the very best skaters in the sport.

2. Focus on turning your weaknesses into strengths.

Shen and Zhao during their Olympic long program (Photo by Liz Chastney)

Shen and Zhao during their Olympic long program (Photo by Liz Chastney)

In the past, Shen and Zhao had weaknesses artistically, causing them to earn lower scores than the other top teams. They have worked on improving their expression, artistry, and overall skating skills, giving them an edge over the competition. They combined these skating skills with more advanced choreography to create a strong and elegant style. In addition, they now have good unison and speed in their side-by-side spins, formerly their weakest element.

3. Hard work and dedication pay off.

I remember when my sister and I were training as intermediate pairs competitors in Colorado Springs during October 2000. Shen and Zhao were training at our rink for the upcoming Skate America competition. We were lucky to be able to train on sessions with the elite pairs. Shen and Zhao would skate for the whole session, going from element to element and hardly ever stopping for a break. The work ethic they possessed was the best I’ve seen. Although they are now married, Shen and Zhao have continued to show intense dedication to their skating, even living in separate dorm rooms to train for the 2010 Olympics.

4. Nice guys (people) do finish first.

I’ve only heard good things about what nice people Shen and Zhao are. They have always been very humble and well-mannered. Their sportsmanship has been among the best in the sport, and they have always acted professionally regardless of the competition outcome. Not only are Shen and Zhao great role models for figure skaters, but they are great role models for all athletes.

March 9, 2010