Competition Checklist

Blade On Figure SkateI have a competition checklist for you! Bookmark this link in case you need it again for future reference! And don’t forget to double check for skates, costume, and music!

Here’s my general list of competition reminders:

  • Sharpen your skates about one week before the competition for good edges and to get comfortable with the sharpening.
  • For females, wear over-the-boot tights or have freshly polished skatesFor males, polish your skates if scuffed.
  • The night before you compete, be sure to get at least 8 to 9 hours sleep.
  • Again, remember to take your skates, costume, and music!
  • Bring a sweater or jacket to wear before you go on the ice so you stay warm and loose. You may want more than one layer!
  • You should arrive at the rink no later than one hour before your event.
  • When you arrive at the rink you should be wearing your costume, or you should plan to arrive early enough to have your costume on one hour before your event. Females, have your hair and makeup done. If you are planning to have a vendor do your hair or makeup, be sure that your appointment ends 45 minutes prior to your event start time.
  • When you arrive at the rink, turn in your program music CD and check in at the registration table.  
  • Put your skates on about 40 minutes before your event. About 30 minutes before your event, look for your coach by the ice entrance to get warmed up. 
  • Remember the goals of the competition are to have fun, to learn how to perform in front of an audience, and to give your full effort!!!
  • Don’t worry about results. Good competition placement isn’t the main focus; it’s just a bonus!
  • Remember to SMILE 🙂 & have fun!


August 20, 2016

Christmas Show Pointers

2007 Viejas Christmas Show

2007 Viejas Christmas Show

Christmas ice shows are a fun way to celebrate the holiday season! There are many different types, ranging from full-blown productions with spotlights, professional skaters, and full storylines and themes to a recital of Christmas numbers with music and costumes.

In San Diego, there are a number of Christmas shows. In November, I starred in a show up at Viejas Casino. There are also shows at Horton Plaza and San Diego Ice Arena. I am getting ready for the Kroc Center annual Christmas show on December 15! Many of my students, my sister, Chrissy, and I will be skating in it.

If you have a Christmas show coming up, here are some Christmas show pointers:

  • Remember your skates and costume.
  • Girls, wear makeup and do your hair.
  • Be at the show early enough to find parking and to check in ahead of time.
  • Once you arrive, find your assigned locker room to warm up and get ready in.
  • Most of all, have fun, smile, and enjoy! 🙂

Chea and I (and my whole family) received a special gift this holiday season – my sister, Chrissy, and her husband, Tom, will be living in San Diego! Chrissy moved here on Wednesday, and Tom (who is British) is visiting until his visa is ready for him to move here in January. Chrissy will be joining Chea and me at starting in January. For now, we’re all taking time off from writing blog posts to enjoy some awesome family time together!

Happy Holidays!!!

December 10, 2010

Don’t Forget These Figure-Skating Accessories

Taking care of your ice skates is important in making them last and helping you skate to the best of your ability. Here are some important accessories for skaters.   

Skate Towel – This can be any type of rag or towel. I like micro fiber. Each time you take your skates off, you need to use the towel to dry the blades and the bottom and sides of the boot where it’s wet. If you don’t dry the blade, it might rust and corrode. The boot could warp on the bottom if it stays wet too long. 

Soft Soakers – These are only for putting on your blades after you dry your blades with a towel. The purpose of soakers is to protect the blades when storing and to help absorb any small amounts of moisture on the blades. However, if you don’t dry the blades before you put soakers on your skates, the soakers will just absorb the moisture and keep your blades damp, causing rust. Also, never walk in soakers because they offer almost no protection for walking. You could create nicks in your blades and make holes in the soakers. 

Hard Guards – These are for putting on your blades when you are walking in your skates off ice. They help protect your blades from rocks and other small things that may cause nicks in your blades when you walk over them. Never leave your hard guards on overnight or when you take your skates off. The guards hold water and your blades will rust. Also, make sure you remember to take the guards off before you step on the ice. I have seen many falls from skaters forgetting to take off their guards. 

Laces – All skates come with laces. However, some laces are too long for the skates. If you have to wrap the laces around the top of the boot, you need shorter laces. Wrapping the laces around the top of the boot will break the boot down faster and could cause an ankle injury as well. New laces are inexpensive. I recommend going with a mixed-blend lace. Mixed blend means the lace is a poly/cotton blend. Laces that are 100% nylon are harder on your fingers and can sometimes loosen up while skating. Laces that are 100% cotton stick in the boot holes because they are thicker. But it’s really up to your personal preference.

Gloves – A thin glove is always a good idea if your hands get cold easily. Gloves also make it less painful when you fall. You can usually find a variety of skating gloves online or at skate shops. 

Pads – If you fall on the same spot consistently when learning a jump, I would recommend pads. There are gel pads or foam pads you can put in your leggings to help cushion any falls while mastering jumps. Skate shops and online stores should have a variety of options.

July 22, 2010