How Ice Resurfacers Work

I Wanna Drive a Zamboni Photo by Eric KilbyI’m often asked questions about the ice resurfacer at the rink and how it works.  Ice resurfacers are typically called Zambonis after the creator, Frank Zamboni, but there are other brands, such as Olympia. Every official rink has an ice resurfacer. Here are two good articles on how they work:

How Ice Rinks Work: Maintaining the Rink

Ice Resurfacer from Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Photo by Eric Kilby at Flickr Creative Commons.

February 27, 2012

How Ice Rinks Work

Broadgate Circle

This month I’m talking about how ice rinks work. I found an article that answers common questions like how the ice stays cold, how thick the ice is, and how the Zamboni works. The article begins:

While the strength and skill of great ice skat­ers is immediately obvious, it’s easy to overlook the remarkable surface that makes it all possible. But as it ­turns out, varying the characteristics of indoor ice just a little bit can make the difference between a gold-medal performance and an embarrassing spill.

Find out “How Ice Rinks Work.”

Photo Credit: Photo by Mark Kobayashi-Hillary at Flickr Creative Commons.

October 15, 2010