Top 2 Training Tips Figure Skaters Can Learn from Olympic Gold Medalist, Kim Yu-Na

Kim Yu-Na during the playing of her country's national anthem

Kim Yu-Na during the playing of her country's national anthem (Photo by Liz Chastney)

Figure skaters can gain much from following the example of Olympic ladies champion, Kim Yu-Na.  Two training tips are especially important.

1.  Work on every aspect of your skating.

One of the primary elements that sets Kim Yu-Na apart from the rest of the ladies in figure skating is her overall skating ability.  Her flow, speed, and artistry are the strongest in the field and come from lots of focus and training on basic skating skills and body and arm movements.  On top of that, Kim Yu-Na has phenomenal jumps and spins which she showcases with her amazing performance skills.

2.  No matter how much pressure there is in a competition, be aggressive.

Kim Yu-Na had incredible pressure as the gold-medal favorite going into these Olympic Games.  She had to deal with the hopes of the whole nation of South Korea, expectations as the reigning World champion, and millions of dollars of endorsements.  Despite the enormous burden, she pulled though and skated two incredibly strong programs, two of the best in Olympic history.  Her speed and aggression into all of her elements helped her achieve this feat.

Brian Orser, Kim Yu-Na's coach during Kim Yu-Na's Olympic short program

Brian Orser, Kim Yu-Na's coach, during Kim Yu-Na's Olympic short program (Photo by Liz Chastney)

In an interview after the event, Brian Orser, Kim Yu-Na’s coach, told about pre-Olympic talks with Kim Yu-Na and her Olympic response:

It’s not any time to hold back. It’s not a time to be conservative or cautious. Be Olympic. . . . We’ve talked about that, coming here. You’ve got to be Olympic. You’ve got to be a competitor. Yes, you’re beautiful. Yes, the programs are beautiful. Beautiful lines. Great presentation and choreography.

But you’ve got to be Olympic and you’ve got to be fierce. And she was.

Watch Kim Yu-Na and other great figure skaters in the Champions Gala tonight!

February 27, 2010