How to Perform Basic Figure Skating Jumps

My last blog post was How to Recognize Figure Skating Jumps. Here are some more interesting articles and videos about skating jumps. The articles and videos cover the main technical jumps in skating. There are also other jumps that are used in choreography such as split, stag, and ballet jumps for presentation.

Here’s an article from XanBoni on Jumps.

Jo Ann Schneider Farris at Figure Skating has an article on the Top 7 Basic Figure Skating Jumps Every Ice Skater Must Know.

Here’s another article on Figure Skating Jumps from Skating Fitness. It also has information on the origins of the jumps.

If you have a question about jump terminology, check out the Jumps Glossary from Figure Skating Journal.

Here’s a great video with Michael Weiss on How to Perform the Six Basic Jumps. This page has more detailed videos with Michael Weiss on each of the six basic jumps.

November 24, 2010