Clothes That Are Great for Dance, Sports, and Workouts

As a dancer, athlete, and fitness specialist, finding great clothes that fit these areas has been a priority. Until I found Ellie activewear, most of the good brands I found were very expensive. Also, I love to feel stylish in what I’m wearing. With every piece of Ellie clothing, I feel stylish.

As a dancer, I look for sleek, form-fitting, supportive clothes with interesting straps and back designs. As an athlete, I like fun, sporty-but-stylish designs that I can wear to or from the rink or whatever activity I’m doing. As a fitness specialist, I like unique, stylish tops and bottoms that are perfect for working out in and fun to wear. I found that Ellie’s versatile activewear line has tops and bottoms that are perfect for all of these areas, whether it’s just for dance or whether it’s for your sport and working out.

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April 28, 2013