Skating Etiquette

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This week I’m sharing an article about skating etiquette. The article is written for coaches, but I think the information can apply to skaters as well. One thing I don’t agree with in the article is that the coach shouldn’t follow skaters in their programs. I think it can be useful to chase students to motivate them to skate faster and more aggressively.

At the Kroc center where I coach, the most important thing is for the skaters to give right of way to the skater who is in his or her program. Remember that the order in the music line is two coaches and then one skater. Also, try to be aware of the other skaters on the ice, especially when skating away from the boards. As in crossing a street, look both ways first.

Here’s The Forgotten Art of Skating Etiquette from Jimmie Santee at Over the Edge.

March 26, 2011