Inspiration from the 2011 U.S. Men’s Champion, Ryan Bradley

Ryan Bradley was the winner of the senior men’s event at the recent U.S. National Championships in Greensboro, North Carolina. I’ve been friends with Ryan for many years. We both trained at the Colorado Springs World Arena as well. I enjoyed seeing Ryan win this title!

Ryan has always been a showman with one of his main focuses to please the crowd. Watch this winning short program and how Ryan incorporates strong technical difficulty (including a quad/triple combination) with a fun, showy style. This should be remembered as one of the most entertaining programs ever for a men’s national champion!

February 10, 2011

Inspiration from the 2011 U.S. Pairs Champions, Caitlin Yankowskas and John Coughlin

The 2011 U.S. Figure Skating Championships just concluded last weekend. U.S. Nationals is the yearly competition that the top novice-senior skaters in the nation qualify for by placing in the top 4 in their regions and sections. Usually there are between 12 to 15 skaters or teams in each event.

In senior pairs, the team of Caitlin Yankowskas and John Coughlin won the event. Caitlin and John skate at the World Arena in Colorado Springs, where I used to train. Caitlin arrived after I moved, but I knew John for many years. John was always a nice guy.

I was happy to see Caitlin and John finally succeed in winning this title. Caitlin and John’s victory was extra special because their long program was dedicated to John’s mother who passed away last year.

In the YouTube video of Caitlin and John’s U.S. Nationals free skate, you can really see them feeling the music to bring out John’s emotions. Also, watch how Caitlin and John maintain great speed and flow throughout the transitions and various elements they perform. They wove all the aspects together to create one of the most memorable pairs programs ever at U.S. Nationals.

February 3, 2011